Politics, power, and the Green New Deal

This paper is going to explore the theories of motivation, the managerial skills, and job design needed to motivate employees to increase their performance, and a few successful organizations that are specifically designed to motivate their employees. Goal Setting In order for a person to be motivated they must have a specific goal. In order for a lawyer to be successful he must be able to analyze both positive and negative factors of a case and to outwit his opponent in order to prepare for future possibilities and risks.

This healthcare administration project provide an opportunity with on job knowledge and skills. During this particular period, students work in cycles in different departments of the hospital. This practice develops fundamental skill regarding different activities in health services under supervision of senior staff of the hospital. This experience equips the students with skill, knowledge and experience that is essential for leadership performance in the field of healthcare administration.

In many. Laura G. Thompson Angie Miller English IV November 6th, Important Job Skills There are several different skills that are important to have to have no matter what the job you are in search of or already have.

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Although, you also want to make sure you're still able to accept positive feedback and apply the lessons learned. Employers want you to be confident in your work and the company or business which you …show more content….

Flexibility leads to being a reliable and responsibility. You want to be a able to rely and trust other employees to do what they need to do, so you can do what you need to do. You should show up when you're scheduled and even a few minutes early. If you do ever need time off make sure you schedule it way in advance and call whenever an emergency pops up.

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Finally, adaptability. These are some of the top skills I have found to be most important to employers that everyone should have. Show More.

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Read More. In India distributed generation holds a lot of promise. Small scale hydro-electric power and the PV sector have already achieved significant private sector involvement which is a major indicator of growth. Clearly the distributed generation market is bound to jump start soon which will create a large job pool and thus provide service and raise the standard of living of the people with minimum environmental impact.

The fact is that all the green technologies take into account the needs of the people and environment, thus it is no wonder that an achievement in one area trickles down to other areas also. Distributed generation also takes the load off the national electricity grid as people become empowered to put up their own power sources and installation of large plants are avoided which further increase efficient usage as power is consumed on the site thus reducing the transmission and distribution losses. Live examples exist in India where people have used alternative green power generation technologies and have not only fulfilled their own energy needs but have also sold their energy to the grid thereby making significant income.

Same is in countries like Germany, where people sell the electricity generated by their household Photovoltaic panels to the national grid and in rare cases may end up charging money from the utility instead of paying! In this way a person not only helps himself or herself but also helps the nation by actually contributing to the national power generation and thus proves to be an asset rather than a liability to the society. Benefits to the Rural Areas: G reen technologies involve humans in a much bigger way than conventional technologies and thereby empower them by giving them responsibilities and avenues to gain, learn and progress.

Green technologies have had great impact on communities of the areas where they have been implemented. Provision of bio-gas plants to rural households has empowered communities and has increased their productivity. Same has been the case with distribution of solar lanterns through certain programs e. It is clear that people have benefited from it by not only using the outputs personally but also by trading it! Initiatives such as the barefoot college in Rajasthan empower villagers by teaching them how to use eco-friendly technologies like solar cookers, mud refrigerators, and sustainable farming practices.

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Villagers have built their own water storage and rainwater harvesting techniques and are not dependent on outside help. This has raised the standard of living in the participating villages. Some programs have gone a step further and are envisioning to trade carbon credits for such rural technologies in the near future thereby creating a possibility of positive cash flow towards rural economies which will further generate employment and will encourage usage of such technologies further.

Benefit to the urban areas: Taking into account the current chaotic situation of the cities of the world one can easily argue that they need to take urgent environment improvement measures. Cities which actively pursued their environmental concerns in the last ten years are showing a marked improvement in their environment quality parameters.


For example Delhi launched CNG fuelled public transport in a phased manner and in December , the last diesel bus was flagged off. This was done as a measure to improve air quality of Delhi where the toxic gas levels were off the charts, some times exceeding times the normal values. Since then Delhi has shown steady improvement in the air quality. The annual average level of restorable suspended particulate matter RSPM or PM10 in residential areas was microgram per cubic metre. It dropped to microgram per cubic metre by The following figure shows the Carbon mono-oxide levels in Delhi since It can be clearly seen that CO levels have decreased significantly since clearly underlining the effects of application of green technology.

Creation of avenues : Green technologies have the potential to give birth to sectors which were previously not thought of. Particularly at the time of global economic slowdown and environmental crisis we need to create paths which can improve the economy and the environment. Green Technology gives us an opportunity to combine the two.

We can see a very relevant example that of waste disposal. Thus resulting in cleaning up of environment, employment generation, reduction in toxic and green house gas emission and thus has multiple benefits. This industry increases choices for a person which is one of the primary requirements to human development.

On an average people in a cleaner environment have better efficiencies and a healthier and empowered life than people in opposite circumstances. The above graph shows a direct correlation between income and waste mass generation of an average Indian household, clearly indicating that as the economy grows we will waste more and more and the waste management sector will continue to grow. Another interesting example can be taken of carbon auditing companies which have sprung up. Due to a cap on carbon emission and enforcing of environmental friendly trade practices ventures like carbon auditing have come up in a big way and many start-ups have been found to do this activity, this has clearly expanded the employment opportunities for people and has created a completely new portal of wealth generation, whereby cash flow from developed countries to developing countries has opened up; another upside of green technologies.

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Green Farming : Green approaches to farming have been proven to be not only healthier for humans but also productive for the soil. It leads to higher productivity over sustained periods of time contrary to the inorganic farming practices which lead to decrease in yield after a certain period of time. Inorganic farming methods have had a very bad environmental impact and have resulted in degradation of aquatic life of surface water bodies; it has also stripped the earth of the various insects and worms which in fact helped in crop production.

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  4. Fortunately the effects of inorganic farming are yet to be seen in a big way but they are inevitable. Places where organic Green farming is practised are already showing that it is a better approach in the long run. Green Buildings : Green construction technologies are also coming up and are being encouraged in a big way.

    They have high initial investment but have minimal environmental impact and are energy efficient. Considering the fact that office and residential buildings consume a large share of the energy pie of any country they are certain to have significant benefits in the future over conventional buildings. Since they reduce energy consumption and wastage; these buildings can recover their cost over an acceptable time frame. Such constructions prove economical and eco-friendly in the long run and thus are beneficial to the individual and the society as a whole.

    Green Energy is a Substitute Energy Source

    Thus we can see that there are many upsides of using green technologies. Since they create a full circle of usage they ensure sustainable development and will not help in sustaining the beauty of the earth as we know it. Employment generation, human empowerment, rural development, environmental improvement, energy security, health improvement, decrease in resource depletion are only a few benefits of green technologies, many more will manifest themselves as time passes. Green technologies have been applied in many sectors however they have not been still put into full fledged use e.

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    Since we have not seen them in usage full time we can not really observe what are their downsides. However certain concerns have been already raised, these are related to the reliability of these technologies, convenience of their usage, investment required, their hypocritical use, ethical and social issues etc.

    We will discuss these issues one by one. Economic Downside: So far it has been discussed how good green technologies can be to the economy of a country however nothing is perfect and there are conspicuous downsides to this too. On the other hand the installation cost of subcritical coal power plant Ultra mega power plant MW is roughly Rs , million.

    Rs The difference is clearly extremely large and quite unaffordable for many developing countries; large investments in green technologies by government would effectively slowdown the cash flow in other important sectors e. Most of the green technologies e. Thus use of green technology is reduced to an altruistic or enforced option; in both cases it seems to lose economic viability.

    Technical Downside: To be popular any technology has to be reliable. Some green technologies have severe drawbacks in this area. Similarly solar air conditioning fails in the rainy season when there is a lot of humidity and low solar radiation. We can hope that these flaws will be removed once these technologies mature with time. Power savers meant to improve the efficiencies of tube lights etc. This causes significant operational discomfort to the user.

    Social downside : Socially green technologies are still to become popular. This is more connected to the ergonomics and incentives of usage. The social downsides are extremely area specific. I will discuss one case each of rural area and urban area. In rural India millions of bio-gas plants were installed, however only a small portion is in operation today. This is because of many factors e.

    Some people simply did not accept the technology as they still thought that burning dung cakes was easier. In some cases the problem was that people sold their cows and could not feed the bio-gas unit and it failed.