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Prevalence, predictors, and perceived effectiveness of complementary, alternative and integrative medicine in adult-onset primary dystonia. Genotype-phenotype correlations in THAP1 dystonia: Molecular foundations and description of new cases. Mutations in CIZ1 cause adult onset primary cervical dystonia. Co-Prevalence of anxiety and depression with spasmodic dysphonia: A case-control study.

Original Research ARTICLE

J Voice. Extreme task specificity in writer's cramp. An African-American family with dystonia. Co-prevalence of tremor with spasmodic dysphonia: A case-control Study. The c. Mov Disord ; Novel THAP1 sequence variants in primary dystonia.

Muscle Tension Dysphonia: Tips and exercises to manage and heal

J Clin Neurophysiol. Recent developments in dystonia. Curr Opin Neurol. The neurobiology of dystonia.

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In Neurobiology of Disease, 2nd Ed, in press Assessment of movement disorders in mice. Elsevier Academic Press, Amsterdam, in press, Rodent models of dystonia. Dystonia: Five new things. Neurology Clinical Practice, in press, Curr Opin Neurol, in press, Diagnosis and treatment of dystonia. When brawn benefits brain: physical activity and Parkinson's disease risk. Diagnosis and Treatment of Dystonia.

Neurol Clin. Recent advances in the genetics of dystonia. Curr Neurol Neurosci Rep, ; Reply: dystonia after severe head injuries. Movement Disorders, ; Smoking and Parkinson disease: where there is smoke there may not be fire. Neurology, ; Ann Neurol, ; The new classification for the dystonias: Why was it needed and how was it developed?

Mov Disord Clin Pract, ; New concepts for dystonia. Curr Neurol Neurosci Rep. Activation of upper airway muscles during breathing and swallowing. J Appl Physiol. Reply: Dystonia after severe head injuries. Treatment of restless legs syndrome.

Depression and Parkinson's disease: current knowledge. Special concerns in defining, studying, and treating dystonia in children.

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Designing Clinical Trials for Dystonia. Rating scales for musician's dystonia: The state of the art. Assessment of patients with isolated or combined dystonia: An update on dystonia syndromes. The dystonias: Past, present, and future. The focal dystonias: Current views and challenges for future research.

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Dystonia rating scales: Critique and recommendations. Psychiatric comorbidities in dystonia: Emerging concepts. The genetics of dystonias. Adv Genet. Dystonia: phenomenology. Convergent mechanisms in etiologically-diverse dystonias.

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Expert Opin Ther Targets. Animal models of dystonia: Lessons from a mutant rat. Neurobiol Dis. The functional neuroanatomy of dystonia. In the wink of an eye: Nature and nurture in blepharospasm. PMID [Editorial about rare diseases research] grant listed incorrectly in letter as Jinnah HA. Needles in haystacks: The challenges of rare diseases. Dev Med Child Neurol. Spasmodic dysphonia: A laryngeal control disorder specific to speech. J Neuroscience ; Treatment strategies for dystonia. Expert Opin Pharmacother. Neuronal voltage-gated calcuim channels: Brief overview of their function and clinical implications.

Why the Delay in Diagnosis?

Spasmodic dysphonia: let's look at that again.

Arkadir D. Identification of optimal stimulation site for cervical dystonia symptoms: an exploratory study. Imaging neural controls of head movements in humans. A link between corticostriatal plasticity and risk taking in humans. Frucht S.

Anxiety and depression in spasmodic dysphonia patients - Europe PMC Article - Europe PMC

Developing a scale for musician's dystonia. The Dystonia Coalition: Four years of progress. Sensory tricks corrective maneuvers in cervical dystonia.

Berman BD, Hallett M. The previously reported co-morbid rates of anxiety and depression in SD patients span a wide range: 7. First, different studies used different methods to measure anxiety and depression. Some studies used a previous psychiatric diagnosis, 3 other studies used a structured psychiatric interview, 9 , 11 , 28 and other studies used standardized questionnaires.

A review of the literature provides historical perspective on how clinicians studied mood disorders in the spasmodic dysphonia patient population.